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The Equine Prohibited Substances List (the List) was produced and is reviewed annually based on the recommendations of the List Group. The List Group consists of 12 expert and specialist members, including sports veterinarians, pharmacologists, toxicologists and research scientists. The List revisions are made following extensive consultation by the Group in response to scientific advances and information available regarding the use of substances in horses.

The List review process is continuous and results in the publication of an updated list at least 90 days before it becomes effective on 1 January each year. The time line, as approved by the FEI Bureau, that the Group work to can be downloaded from here and is based on that of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for human athletes.

Any person involved in equestrian sport, or otherwise, who wishes to make suggestions for consideration by the Group during preparation of the following Prohibited Substances List review are invited to do so initially before the end of March. Please use the link provided to download the Equine Prohibited Substances List submission form. This form should be completed and saved, before sending as a PDF attachment with the subject line “Equine Prohibited Substances List Submission” to Victoria Unt.